[Suggestion to MDG] First class Meteor support in Visual Studio

@debergalis a suggestion for consideration by the great minds at MDG: It seems like the Enterprise market is something you guys are looking at, and I’m sure Microsoft’s poor story when it comes to SPA development hasn’t escaped your notice.

It seems like there’s a major opportunity for MDG there in picking up .Net dev shops looking for a SPA development solution who aren’t convinced by the ASP.NET Web API2 + whatever view layer you choose approach (companies like mine in fact).

I’m not sure how representative we were, but we were fairly inward looking and we only really saw new developments in the web space when they were repackaged by Microsoft and turned up as quick-start project templates in Visual Studio. We were very wedded to Visual Studio and the fear of a loss of productivity from switching out of the tooling we were used to was a major blocker for us for a long time.

I wonder if spending some time building up a Visual Studio quickstart of some sort for Meteor, along with whatever integration is necessary to allow building and running of Meteor apps from inside VS might pay dividends? I think there are a lot of dev shops who stay on the MS platform because they really like Visual Studio.

Coming from .Net, Meteor in many ways feels like a very natural progression. It’s a complete stack, it’s well documented, you care about backwards compatibility and there’s a single point of reference. Plus there’s a big company behind it and there are options of hosting and professional support. All of that speaks to stability and a solution that won’t be out of date in a weeks time. I think all of that will really resonate with .Net developers/dev-shops, and if you combine that with a “you can do all of this in the toolset you already know, just start here” it might have good results.

Microsoft seem very keen on being seen to be working with the open source community now (see all the recent stuff about MS buying Xamarin and then open sourcing it and the native Bash features in Win 10 Anniversary) so reaching out to them might yield results too, they might have resources they can offer for assisting with the integration.

Anyway, that’s my thought, I’m sure MDG have probably already thought of this!


A starter template (like a boilerplate) for Visual Studio would be good. A Visual Studio user could select the template when creating a new project.

Microsoft are now definitely embracing other technologies outside of their company. They now even embrace Git for version control: Version Control. Years ago they would have only recommended their own product (Team Foundation).

Check out the many logos of supported technologies on the Visual Studio Code page:


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A VS template makes a lot of sense. We’ve actually spoken to the VS team
at Microsoft about it – they had the same thought. We’d be interested in
working with anyone who could help put that project template together.