Suggestion to meteor tutorial

The number 1 problem of the current tutorial is that it doesn’t have a step of deployment. Deployment should be step 1 or step 2 of the tutorial because making apps is to let others view them.

The number 2 problem is it doesn’t cover SQL connection. Big time loss again.

Deployment might be the reason meteor failed couple of years ago after meteor decided to stop free&easy deployment to meteor. I guess most people don’t want to pay for Galaxy at least when the app is not making any revenue.

I think this is a good idea, from the Meteor impact, galaxy free tier is coming back.

With regards to the tutorial, there is an effort to update the content by the community, You can open an issue here with your ideas and/or join the slack tutorial channel.


For the deployment, the top choice will be deploying the app to my own server or AWS/GCP. Galaxy, if it’s free, is for testing only.

Well, I don’t think this choice will be recommended for several reasons:

  1. Galaxy is built for Meteor by Meteor developers and therefore it will provide the best Meteor hosting and it is evolving fast.
  2. Galaxy generates revenue to Meteor Software that sponsors Meteor open-source.
  3. This might be the top choice for you, but really many would like to avoid DevOps and scaling issues, so a managed cloud offering makes more sense.
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That link is for react, which I don’t use at all, probably because I learned Blaze first.

Yes, they are migrating the Blaze tutorials to the new format, join the slack channel to participate in the effort and be involved in the discussion if you’re interested.

Thanks for your reply. I’m moving to Vue since it’s mature and well maintained. Svelte is still too early to adopt.

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Vue tutorials are also currently being migrated/improved by the community, so you can join that discussion to stay informed and participate.

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Yes. I’m learning Vue through that tutorial. :grinning: