Suitor iOS bug - Crash at startup (was about to publish)


My team’s early-stage dating app, Suitor, is published to Google Play for Android. Feel free to check it out.

However, we ran into a bug just before submitting to Apple’s App Store. On top of that, our iOS Meteor development contractor is no longer available on the project. So we’re kind of stuck. Our lead engineer is still on the project, but he needs the support from someone with more iOS experience to troubleshoot the bug causing the iOS app to crash on startup. Any takers?

The app was working fine throughout the whole development lifecycle right up until we were about to publish it.

Please reply back with your contact info so that I can direct message you to set up a 10-15 minute intro call. Depending on the level of effort (if a deep dive into the code is necessary), we can also reimburse time spent on the project as a Contractor.

-Bryan Mathews