Summernote: summernote. Display displays the value placed in the "value"

Hi does anyone know what code displays the package “summernote: summernote” values taken from the collection of data in tag html “value”.

this is my code html:
<textarea type="text" class="form-control" id="edit-wydarzenie-content" name="noweWydarzenieContent" placeholder="Treść Wydarzenia" autocapitalize="none" autocorrect="off" rows="10" value="{{wydarzenie.content}}"></textarea>

this is my code js:
$(document).ready(function() { $('#edit-wydarzenie-content').summernote({ placeholder: 'Prosze dodaj treść...', height: "150px" } );

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From the distance, your avatar looks just like Kulfon.

Anyways, don’t use $(document).ready, just put your code in onRendered. It won’t solve your problem, but will keep you away from troubles in the future.

Thanks for the help. I have corrected my code.

Template.wydarzenie.onRendered(function() {     
      placeholder: 'Prosze dodaj treść...',
      height: "150px"
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