Super lightweight meteor

I’d like to use meteor for a mobile phone project here in China, where the bandwidth is terrible. So i want it as lightweight as possible.

Is there a way to use meteor without blaze/react, no router, just my own lightweight front-end, and still get access to DDP and pubsub, mini-mongo, as well as the awesome fiber wrapping mongo server side?

I think i tried this and there still seemed to be a huge amount of code getting shipped.

What’s the minimum meteor can be cut down to?

Is there much overhead in server side with meteor vs a plain node app?

You might want to checkout meteor-client-side package by idanwe

Try using a DDP client library. I’m using for and it works quite well for pure DDP connections (which gets you a chunk of Meteor). There’s a whole bunch of libraries listed here

If you’re building a native app you could use something like e.g. or