Super Simple Deployment for 5 users

I have this app that I want to deploy but since Meteor’s free deployment is gone I was to look elsewhere. The app will probably have a maximum of 5 users ever. It’s actually a calendar generator thing I build for myself and some friends. So, I don’t need a super elaborate hosting solution.

$25 per month for Galaxy doesn’t really make sense.

Is there anything that WORKS and is EASY on the CHEAP?

Heroku seems nice but free containers sleep.


Go for IBM Bluemix 512 mb free per month, never sleeps and a ton of other free stuff in combination with Mongolab’s free 500 mb database.

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Mup + a $5/month Digital Ocean droplet isn’t free but would easily handle your requirements

@nottheaveragecoder Bluemix with mLab sandbox seems perfect. Did you try it? Is it fast enough?

Yes, I have and it’s great.

I never succeed mup + $5 DO. But succeed with $20

That seems weird. Did you check the logs and stuff. Why wouldn’t it work