Super-slow Server Start Speeds 🐢

I’m making some visual design changes to a meteor app and I’m kinda floored by how long the server takes to start. It’s like a sleepy heroku app only about 10x slower. So, I thought while I was waiting for the server to start I would join this forum and post this topic.

This seems like a common problem. I was going to +1 this github issue but comments have been closed.

Check this out:

Could help with your reload speeds.

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Thanks for the suggestion. At first glance it seems interesting, but looking closer it seems like it won’t help because we are using React.

Are you using Windows? Meteor does not run well on Windows in my experience.

When you’re editing client files, does is say Client modified – refreshing or Meteor server restarted? If you’re editing client files that are in the imports folder, but not in a client folder, the file checker gets confused and restarts the server as well.

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Thank you! This is helpful info. (not a silver bullet yet, but avoiding server restarts will definitely cut down on waiting time).