Support for ES7 in Meteor

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today I was trying to use an arrow function inside a class but I got the error: Missing class properties transform. I learnt from this issue that not all ES7 features are enabled in meteor, and that right now babelrc files are not supported, so I’m out of luck.

Anyhow it also look like babelrc files are again supported in 1.3.3, so how can I enable arrow function in classes with Meteor 1.3.3? Where can I find a list of supported and missing features from ES7?


Meteor only supports features that have reached stage 2 or above. Here is a list of all proposals and their stage:

As you can see, the class properties proposal is still in stage 1. In a blog post about supporting flow I talk about how to support this feature in Meteor:

(I’m on my phone right now so I cant past the example code here)


I don’t think meteor should make a call on this. The stage for which features to include should be configurable and mdg should just recommend a stage in the guide?


Agreed, and thats exactly their plan :slight_smile: In Meteor 1.3.3 you’ll be able to support more features via .babelrc. But the default will be stage 2+. So thats best of both worlds, right? A good default and the option to support more.

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But when will meteor have support for ES9 and ES2030?

I’m finding it extremely difficult to finish my social network for cats without it.


They will support it when babel supports it. So pretty quickly.

Great post :100:. Love seeing how extensible Meteor is becoming.

lmao… you win the internet today! :crown:

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