Support for Typescript baseUrl

In Next I really enjoy using a custom baseUrl in my tsconfig.json. For example:

  "baseUrl": "./imports/ui/"

Then in your components, you can import like:

import File from 'layouts/File'
import Project from 'components/board/Project'

As opposed to:

import File from '/imports/ui/layouts/File'
import Project from '/imports/ui/components/board/Project'

Small quality of life improvement, but it makes the code more readable. It works in VSCode’s Typescript when I do this, but is this possible in Meteor? When I try, I get “unable to resolve modules” error:

Unable to resolve some modules:

  "layouts/File" in ...
  "components/board/Project" in ...
If you notice problems related to these missing modules, consider running:
  meteor npm install --save components layouts