Support your friendly Meteor Developer


I just noticed that @jagi, the creator of jagi:astronomy, has a Patreon account.

Astronomy is a great Meteor specific library for building a versatile model layer in your app.

It’s awesome and works very well together with Meteor. I know @jagi has poured in a lot of hours into this project.

I highly recommend you show some :heart: and buy him a cup of coffee via this Patreon page.

Thanks @jagi for an awesome lib!

Anyone else want to point out great Meteor libraries whose maintainers accept support via Patreon, Open Collective or similar? Post them here! :slight_smile:


Kelly Copley, @copleykj , the creator of socialize packages has a Patreon page as well. You can also donate to his PayPal.

Also found Josh Owens on Patreon.


Thank you @arggh :slight_smile:


I had never heard of socialize. I just navigated my browser to Atmosphere and typed socialize and… holy smokes!


There’s so much good stuff hidden in the Meteor package repository that I’ve never heard of. I really wish Atmosphere was better / updated / revamped.


The client side parts of the socialize packages are also ported to NPM under the @socialize namespace, for use with React Native.


I really do think there needs to be some effort rallied around this issue.


A feature request issue regarding this: