Svelte and blaze templating doesnt seem to work

So i’ve been following the youtube tutorials on how to use svelte and meteor, I have had relative no problems until the 6th episode about authentication, where we need to insall the svelte:blaze-integration accounts-ui and accounts-password but when I install these packages my page is broken this is what i get in the console Screenshot_20220415_161622 | Julian Garner | Flickr

I’m not sure about those tutorials, but a great place to start with Svelte and Meteor is this tutorial: Meteor Svelte Tutorial. It uses accounts ui, too. You can probably look through it for the information you need.

In your screenshot it shows, jQuery, Svelte and Blaze being used together? I’m not sure but perhaps that tutorial is outdated? You should be able to accomplish anything with just Svelte :wink:

Side note, it would be better if you upload screenshots and/or code snippets directly to these forums so that people do not encounter broken links later.

Sorry, I tried to upload them to the forum but it didn’t work

I see, thanks I will follow them instead

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Hi @juls07, normally I was using meteor + blaze. I started working on meteor + svelte 5 months ago. I have a sample starter project and a hobby project, if you want, you can review the codes.

Starter project : GitHub - Sergeant61/svelte-app
Tirij App : GitHub - Sergeant61/tirij