Svelte magically disappear UI framework?



It claims:
The web’s obesity crisis, solved.
Svelte turns your templates into tiny, framework-less
vanilla JavaScript.

Simple and familiar.
Build apps out of composable, easy-to-write blocks using languages you already know.

Stupid fast, rock solid.
Compile-time static analysis ensures the browser does no more work than it needs to.

Sound familiar like that is compile to from Svelte in Javascript to Native Javascript without performance penalty and bloated size after gzipped?

Does it fit well with the size of large/enterprise application?

I love to see this being integrated into MeteorJS, wasn’t sure if it can run on Node.js 4 or any similar framework-less?


I’m really excited about this new framework! Should be easy for someone to make a build plugin for Meteor that will compile Svelte files, or you can use it as a separate build process that puts the files into your Meteor directory.


I have some time with Rollup which the same person invented. It should be useful for Meteor to be less bloated, less security flaws by don’t add features when we don’t need it and could offer better file size prior to production deployment.


While I agree with your overall point that Meteor could load less code by default, I don’t think it’s valid to say that will cause less security flaws and I think vague statements about security like this are harmful.

Meteor 1.3+ when you are using modules already doesn’t bundle code when you are not importing it, however it doesn’t do it on a sub-file level like Rollup.