Swift DDP and MDG Validated Method

Hello all,
I am using Swift DDP to build a native iOS app with Meteor as my back end. I am using MDG Validated Method for my methods with Simple-Schema for validation.
For example:
export const example = new ValidatedMethod({ name: 'examples.example', validate: new SimpleSchema({ name: { type: String }, value: { type: Number }, }).validator(), run({ name, value }) { console.log(name, value); } });

I can’t seem to get valid JSON to pass through to the method. Every time I get the error "Exception while invoking method ‘sensors.insert’ Error: The first argument of validate() or validateOne() must be an object."
Any help?

How are you invoking the method from Swift?

We actually got it to work (I don’t know how to delete / close posts on here).
For anyone who is curious we simply had to call the method like:

let params = [
  "name": 'hi',
   "value": 1
Meteor.call("examples.example", params: [params]){ result, error in

Before we were trying to serialize the JSON data but Swift does it for you!
Great package and as always Meteor is fab.