Swish Payment Gateway Integration using Meteor and React

Hi Guys,

I am using the Swish Payment Gateway in which I am getting the problem during handshake (Error is ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT).

I am using the code:-
import { HTTP } from ‘meteor/http’;
‘payNow’: function () {
HTTP.call( ‘POST’, ‘https://cpc.getswish.net/swish-cpcapi/api/v1/paymentrequests’, {
data: { “payeePaymentReference”: “0123456789”,
“callbackUrl”: “https://example.com/api/swishcb/paymentrequests”,
“payerAlias”: “4671234768”,
“payeeAlias”: “1231181189”,
“amount”: “100”, “currency”: “SEK”,
“message”: “Kingston USB Flash Drive 8 GB”
key: Assets.getText(‘private/swish.key’),
cert: Assets.getText(‘private/cert.pem’),
ca: Assets.getText(‘private/ca.pem’),
passphrase: ‘swish’,
}, function( error, response ) {
if ( error ) {
console.log( error );
} else {
console.log( response );

Please let me know that how to send the ssl/tsl certificate to the swish api server for handshaking. I download the development keys from Swish development guide.