Switch iOS Simulated Device

I am building an iPad/iPhone compatible app. I don’t have an iPad yet, so I was hoping to build my app using the Meteor Cordova simulator. When I launch the app I see that I am not allowed to set a target device like in Cordova. How do I manage to switch the simulator to another target device? Doing this in app just renders a new device but without the application present.

Open up xcode and choose the simulator of your choice there. :slight_smile:

As I said, it just re-renders the device and I can no longer access my application. How can I bring my application back to the screen when it has rendered the device?

You should be able to open the generated Xcode project with meteor run ios-device. You can then select the target simulator and run the app within Xcode.

I saw that advice in another thread… Any idea where that target simulator option is in Xcode?

I can open the simulator from within xcode… choose the device and it reloads without my application.

You can select the simulator/device target in the dropdown next to the run button (top left in the Xcode project window).