Switching Mongo provider with Heroku

Hi guys, I’m running into issues trying to connect to a new Mongo DB provider, moving away from MLab within Heroku.

Has anyone else had to do this recently? If so can anyone advise if they had any issues updating the MONGODB_URI, I have set up a db with Scalegrid and the URI they have provided looks very different from the previous MLAB one and my app is crashing.

Otherwise does anyone else have any recent experience within Heroku and getting the DB to work?

Many thanks in advance

I have actually ended up setting up another mLab database but not through Heroku and all seems well. Not too sure why Heroku are discontinuing the mLab extension if I can still use the service separately…

Am wondering if the issue with ScaleGrid URI was an issue with special characters in the string…

Atlas bought mlab. They’re in the process of switching things over, so eventually there will be no mlab addon, but there will be an atlas addon.

Thanks for the response @cereal . Do you think it is safe then to be using an mLab database directly? They seemed to let me login on their site and create the database. There are no warnings at all in the console…

There’s instructions on how to migrate an mlab db to atlas here: https://docs.mlab.com/how-to-migrate-to-atlas/

It’s probably fine. It’s strange they don’t mention that on the dashboard or anything

Thanks, I’ve just found this page which has a little more info. Seems it will need switching at some point in the next few months either way so may well look at an alternative. Not sure if there’s any community consensus on which service is the best between Atlas, ScaleGrid et al? Thanks again

I’ve always just hosted my own.

If I had to pick, I’d pick atlas because it’s run by mongo themselves. Not a very good reason :smiley:

OK thanks for feedback though!

Hi Andre, you can check out the ScaleGrid MongoDB Connection Docs if you’re still having issues, or email support@scalegrid.io who would be happy to help you out.

Disclaimer, I’m from ScaleGrid, but would like to share a couple advantages over Atlas, including the ability to host through your own cloud account (BYOC plans), all-inclusive Dedicated hosting plans, advanced customization options, no connection limits, and full MongoDB admin and SSH access to your machines (if needed). You can learn more in our ScaleGrid vs. Atlas page. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply!

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