Sync the data of mobile To Do app with the server

Hi all,
I am new with Meteor and I need some help for my first app.
I just followed the tutorial of To Do App and reached section 6 - Running your app on Android. I succeed to run the app on my device and to see the To Do List title. Now I have two instances : mobile and web.But the data between the mobile and the web is not synchronized. If I add a new row in the website , I don’t see it in the mobile and vice versa. In addition when I push some code change to the server like changing the header, the web is updated directly but the mobile is not.
My mobile is connected to the same wifi as the server.

Please your help


Update : I have found the solution : I had to add ‘–mobile-server my-ip’ to the ‘meteor run device’ command. After I added this parameter both issues were solved.