Synchronous HTTP calls in the right way and error handing?

I want to be able return variables, objects and arrays into variables from my Meteor HTTP GET calls or from any other asynchronous function

Referring to MeteorChef tutorial ( ) it can be done by using wrapAsync for HTTP

// Moving from:'GET', url, header, function( error, response ) {if (error) {console.log(error);} else {console.log}});

// To:

var convertAsyncToSync  = Meteor.wrapAsync( HTTP.get ),
    resultOfAsyncToSync = convertAsyncToSync(url, header);


However when using the wrapAsync and API brings back data such as Error: failed [404] {"message":"Not Found"} my app dies. App dies also with'GET', url, header); when error code is received.

Only way that I can bypass this is to use'GET', url, header, function( error, response ) {if (error) {console.log(error);} else {console.log}}); , but using this I cannot return response into a variable.

What can I do to pass this error? How I can avoid API response codes killing my app? How I can work with API error codes?