System to publish and plot data on a web application

I would like to get community feedback about the best set-up to achieve the following functionality:

I wrote a C++ application that does some calculations (and bunch of other things) and can generate throughout the day something of this sort:

{name: car1, position: 2356, timestamp: 5:00AM}
{name: car2, position: 2359, timestamp: 5:01AM}
{name: car3, position: 6356, timestamp: 5:02AM}
{name: car1, position: 2556, timestamp: 5:01AM}

I would like to build a web application running on the same box as the C++ application that can read/receive realtime the above data and plot them on a plot. One plot per car let’s say.

I am looking at Meteor and I was wondering what the best way to do this? I’ve thought of different alternatives:

  • Push data from c++ to meteor server: I was thinking to add a TCP package in meteor and push over a socket the above information, then somehow decode them, etc…

  • Push data from C++ directly to MongoDB that was started by Meteor application.

I am a backend developer, I chose Meteor just because I heard its nice to work with. I don’t have front end experience.

Would you be able to suggest me a good setup so I start researching it? Are any of my suggestions valid? If yes, what are the technologies I need to look at?

Just write to the same mongo database. Pretty sure meteor should pick up the changes reactively.