Tags input with autocomplete


Hello. I want to add tags input with autocomplete to articles. I use blaze and can’t find fresh and well documented plugin. For most of them “live demo” link doen’s work (it tell to me, that is no trust to this plugins). All plugins witch I discovered released and updated 2 years ago, or doesn’t work like I want… I so tired to seek it. Maybe someone can help me with advice?

For example: I installed this package: jchristman:tagsinput-autocomplete - it doesn’t work, and doesn’t work all similar plugins, which I also installed.

Or this simpler package doesn’t work too: ajduke:bootstrap-tagsinput. Even css styles doesn’t work…

No updates, no working live demos, no information about why it doesn’t work ( As all people in the world use something different from me for this purposes…


I think it’s time to move to react and use npm packages instead of atmosphere.
I use this package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-tag-input


I suppose it is too hard ( and long term… I just need only tags and will finish project


Select2 is a good jQuery based option.


Sorry for stupid question, but I didn’t understand, how to use jQuery in blaze, also jquery plugins. I have installed some plagins from atmosphere for tagsinput, but they doesn’t work (also I don’t see bootrap-tagsinput.min.js in page-code, while I see bootstrap.min.js and some other things).
Maybe I do something wrong :frowning:
Ok, now I’ll try this select2 package, and then I’ll tell you about my achievement of fall. :slight_smile:


I didn’t find the way to rerender select2 element, after I got data from my Articles… do you know how to pass to select2 element reactiveVar ? It renders first on creation, but then doesn’t update.


Yes, you need to add a this.autorun in your Template.onRendered that updates it. Unless you can find a meteor package that wraps it in a template for you.