Tailwind on Meteor Cloud deploy

I am working on a project using Tailwind with React and it quit working on the galaxy deploy. It works on local and initially it also worked on galaxy but then (after deploying a new release) it stopped. The deployed app works, but there is no css formatting at all. I went through the logs and did not find anything suspicious.

It’s not only the free deploy. Just updated the plan to test it and it’s the same on compact container on essential plan.

Hi, our example is also hosted on Galaxy without any issues https://tailwindcss.meteorapp.com/

Are you using like in the example examples/tailwindcss at main · meteor/examples · GitHub ?

Could you open a ticket with more details? Just send an email to support@meteor.com

In summary, Galaxy does not do anything different in any way that could affect your Tailwind setup.

ah crap, now I really broke it…
while testing I upgraded the deploy to essential plan (and that still seemed to work with --mongo), then I completely deleted the app and tried to deploy with the original deploy command with --free and --mongo options, but now I get a MongoError: Authentication failed and it does not start up at all.

Hi, please open a ticket so we can help you :slight_smile: