Taking data from database while filling the input

Hi there!
I have a question to you. Is it possible to use Meteor in that use:

I have an input on my site, for example: to fill in a name.
When I push “M” buton, for example, I want to have a return from my database (collection) some names which start on “M”. Something like a prompt under my input - I could pass between those names with keys, pushing enter accept one of those returned names and fill the input.

That’s someting like a search in your web browser :slight_smile:

I’m interested in this answer too. In fact, I am looking for fuzzy search. It looks like twitter typeaheadJS has this functionality, and there is a meteor package, but I’m looking for something a little lighter weight and without the bootstrap styling.

I also noticed someone is working on a project - Easy Search which looks like it may work.

Sorry for all the posts. Here is what I just worked out for my project. Create a reactive var for your Template:

Template.mytemplate.created = function () {
    this.searchString = new ReactiveVar("");

Then use this in your helper for dynamic/reactive search:

  items: function () {
    var searchString = Template.instance().searchString.get();
    var regExSearch = new RegEx(searchString, "i");
    return Items.find({name: {$regex: regExSearch}});

This will match anywhere in the word. If you only want to match in the beginning, use an anchor at the start of your RegEx search (e.g. RegEx('^' + searchString, "i") )

Finally, register an event to listen to the keypress event and update your searchString reactive var. This seems to be working perfectly for me.

easysearch, typeahead, mizzao:autocomplete etc… etc
But autoform is fully integrated with select2, so that one is probably the best practice if you plan to have some forms on site.

May you add your code here? I don’t know what to add in my HTML file, how to add a listener to the keypress…
I’m new to that, sorry.