Talk about meteor and tdd/bdd


today at the meetup in Hamburg, Germany I have a 101 about meteor and Testing
Maybe someone is interested in them:


Your repo contains blank files? They all appear blank to me.

I’ve recently introduced Jasmine/Karma TDD/BDD to my project and it’s been interesting to test frontend react/redux code.

Hopeful it’s worth the upfront investment.

@mordrax checkout the other branches
@lampe I suggest merging your other branches into main

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If the tests clearly define the expected behaviour in an easy to understand way, and the app is going to be around for a few years, then you will totally reap the benefits of this work.

The technical debt gets huge quickly without testing (speaking as someone who is maintaining 5+ year old code) and putting unit tests in later is nigh on impossible as you don’t have separation needed to be able to create clean unit tests.

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@modrax should read the :slight_smile: