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I’m Meteor Paris ambassador for 3 years now and today I’m launching my new projet (made with meteor, of course!).

Talkus , a live chat widget you put on your website so your visitors/users can talk with you directly in Slack.

I really hope you’ll like it and want to use it.

I’m featured on the home page of product hunt (it’s not everyday we see a meteor project on home of PH).
I would be so grateful if you could help it staying on the home:


AWESOME! I am definitely going to check this out. Looks like you’re currently leading the day at producthunt. Nice!

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I love the product. It’s simple and makes a lot of sense. I am definitely gonna use it in my project.

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I’m happy you like it. Contact me if you have any question!

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It looks great @acemtp ! But it seems pricey!

like Galaxy, we’ll add a cheaper plan later.

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