Tap:i18n Maintenance Resumed & New Version Released

:star2: Hey Meteor Community!

I’m thrilled to share some great news with all of you. After a significant pause, I’ve resumed maintaining tap:i18n, and I’m delighted to announce the release of a new version (v1.10.1), now available on Atmosphere.

:rocket: Key Update: The most notable improvement is the ability to directly drop the tap-i18n package into your application’s packages folder, and it’s set to work seamlessly! This functionality was inoperative for quite some time, and its absence hindered development.

:soon: Upcoming Release: I am also gearing up to roll out another version shortly. This forthcoming update is anticipated to incorporate the following two minor PRs:

:wrench: Call for Contributions: For those who have been tweaking tap:i18n locally and wish to contribute, now is the perfect moment to bring forward your PRs.

Let’s keep the momentum going! Looking forward to seeing your contributions and feedback.

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsor, JustDo.com:

We’re grateful for the generous support from JustDo.com, a pure Meteor-based Project Management Software. Their sponsorship plays a pivotal role in our ongoing efforts with tap:i18n.

If you’re on the lookout for an effective project management solution, we highly recommend exploring JustDo.com. It’s tailored for projects and clients who value the robustness and flexibility of Meteor. Give it a try and see how it can enhance your workflow and project management needs!



Announcing tap:i18n v1.11.0 :tada: - New CDN Configuration Feature, and Better support for Meteor >=2.3

Quick note: to support our effort that is sponsored by JustDo.com - please give this pure Meteor Project Management Software a look and see if you might see it as a good fit for your projects/clients.

We’re excited to share that tap:i18n has just been updated to version 1.11.0! This latest release includes an important new feature for configuring Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and Bettero support for Meteor >= 2.3.

Key Feature in v1.11.0:

  1. Removed Dependency on cfh:http-methods: To enhance support for Meteor versions >= v2.3, we’ve removed the dependency on cfh:http-methods. This change streamlines the package and reduces potential compatibility issues, ensuring a smoother experience with newer Meteor releases.

  2. CDN Configuration: You can now easily integrate a CDN with your tap:i18n setup. By using TAPi18n.setCdnCb(cb), you can specify a callback function that modifies your URL paths to your CDN URL. This enhancement is designed to reduce the load on the server, and speedup page loads.

Important Note for Developers: If your project utilizes project-tap.i18n, ensure to call TAPi18n.setCdnCb(cb) before project-tap.i18n loads. The correct load order is crucial for proper functionality.

Example Configuration: In JustDo.com, we configured it as follows:

# /lib/030-i18n/000-tap-i18n-cdn-loader.coffee
TAPi18n.setCdnCb JustdoCoreHelpers.getCDNUrl

To ensure it loads before /lib/030-i18n/project-tap.i18n (files are loaded in their lexicographical order).

We’re committed to continually improving tap:i18n to make your internationalization efforts in Meteor as efficient and effective as possible. Your feedback on these new changes is invaluable, so do let us know your thoughts and experiences.

Happy coding! :heart: