Target="_blank" links ignored

For some reason it seems like meteor ignores links with target="_blank" and I can see no reason for that

<a target="_blank" href="/my1.pdf" >Manual (PDF)</a>

Result: Nothing

<a href="/my1.pdf" >Manual (PDF)</a>

Result: Open PDF as expected, but in my app window => Bad

So I have to do:

<a target="_blank" data-action="uglyWorkaround" href="/my1.pdf" >Manual (PDF)</a>

And a helper:

"click [data-action='uglyWorkaround']" : function(e, t){, "_blank");

Result: Opens PDF in a new tab as I want it to.

But why?

Maybe some context would be good. Can you show us an online example? Or at least the full template, helpers, events, etc.?