Targeting `web.cordova` different build process than `client`?

I have a package that works fine when targeting client architecture, but fails when targeting web.cordova. The packages are exactly the same save for changing client to web.cordova on two api.addFiles() blocks. In the web.cordova case, the error I get is that a Template is not found:

W20151119-15:02:14.448(-8)? (STDERR) /Users/gauravb/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/.
W20151119-15:02:14.448(-8)? (STDERR) 						throw(ex);
W20151119-15:02:14.448(-8)? (STDERR) 						      ^
W20151119-15:02:14.498(-8)? (STDERR) ReferenceError: Template is not defined
W20151119-15:02:14.499(-8)? (STDERR)     at __coffeescriptShare (packages/ht-agent-app/lib/client/layouts/

The code starting at line 2 of is:
  "click #closeModalButton": (ev, template) ->
    Router.go $('target')

Nothing special. The ionicTabless.html template file is definitely included in the package and is listed in api.addFiles() before

Again, this works fine when run in the client context, so there is something different about the way that building and running for ios seems to be working in this case. Here is the command that I use to run meteor that results in the error above:

meteor run ios-device --settings settings.json --port 7777

Any suggestions on how to get this working properly?