TDD/BDD tutorial for beginners (react,redux meteor)

hi guys ive been tasked by my manager to write an app that will be deployed across my country.I read about tdd/bdd workflow and ive read the guide about it but still i cant really grasp the concept and ideally implement it into my workflow as iam a beginner in that field…So far ive been writing the UI for that app just manually testing to see if things work…Can you point me to beginner tutorials about the whole test driven development workflow in meteor using react as a view layer? if you have something more geared towards beginners(an app that communicates to a server and where /when,how should a n enginner decide to apply the tests) that would be awesome…

highly recommend you check out Xolvio’s Testing Success Factors first; it has great common sense pointers.

thanks ill do that…and what shall i do after?