Teach Meteor in a startup school in Ghana


I’m a tech fellow at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST).

It’s basically a startup school where students from Africa take on a two year course:

Year 1: Learn business, communication & tech skills
Year 2: Build and startup and pitch to enter an incubator (on site)

I’ve been teaching here for 2 months and will teach until June. I’m looking for a Meteor guy to be one of the new teachers who will start next year.

It’s an awesome chance to live in Africa and use your nerdy code skills to teach and change lives. Life is made pretty easy for us with flights and accommodation provided and monthly $1000 stipend. There is also enough time to keep up with freelance work / side-projects (in my experience).

I wrote a brief blog about my experiences.

If you’re love Meteor and want an live-changing experience, please consider coming to MEST. Feel free to write me ben[at]meteofactory.io or via the site.


Wow, awesome! Will share with my network and see if anyone’s up for it :slight_smile: Let me know if you need any other help spreading it around!


Looking for all the help I can get!

I really want Meteor to stay in the curriculum.


@yogiben I have one simple doubt. As you said, you gonna stay 6 months teaching. However, when I entered the application’s website, the period was stated as 1 year. Is it possible to go and stay just for 6 months?


@rafael The school year is roughly from September - June.

Ideally, teaching fellows would stay for that entire length of time. This is good for the students as it ensures continuity.

When I applied, I explained that I had existing commitments like Meteor Factory and that I could only spend 3 months. This is not ideal, but they agreed.

After arriving, I quickly realised that I should stay till graduation (June). I didn’t want to arrive, tell everyone to use Meteor and then leave after just 3 months.

To conclude, shorter amounts of time are negotiable, but the majority of the teachers do an academic year and this will probably be the most rewarding approach.

I’m happy to give you a tour of the school if you’d like to see what it’s like. Skype: bpj_50


Yeah, this is super cool! Keep it real dude! :wink:


Sure mate, it definitely makes sense. My only concern is I might not be available for this amount of time, but I believe a short period could be an amazing experience anyway.

I’ll add you and maybe we can discuss it a little further.



Very cool, I wish I could do that kind of timeframe. I post about this hope it helps.


Thanks. It’s honestly been a great experience and opportunity for me so try and figure out how it might fit into your life.

If you add me on Skype, please add a personal message so I know it’s not spam.