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I am a web developer based in Lusaka, Zambia, I work at a company called Hackers Guild.

We teach software development skills and this year we have opted to start teaching meteor and react, this is replacing Django, we have been using meteor in several projects that we worked on and because of how easy we find it to work with meteor we decided to start teaching it.

Does anyone in the community know a good resource of teaching meteor, like a well arranged syllabus in case there is some that have already taught it, or the best things to start with when teaching.

Thank you !!


I recommend online courses from Udemy.com, especially this one which also includes React. I believe Meteor’s official tutorials and documents are the best sources for learning Meteor. You should start with the official tutorials page.
(Thank you @mdgsoftware for the great documentation)

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Try LevelUp Tuts on youtube . He has a personal site where he sells full ‘advanced courses too’ . He is really big on meteor.


Thanks for that, I agree with you. Meteor’s documentation is the best

I’ve been teaching Meteor as part of my software engineering course for the last few years. The course combines basic software engineering concepts (quality assurance, coding standards, configuration management, testing, project management, etc.) with a specific tech stack (Javascript, IntelliJ IDEA, GitHub, Semantic UI, Meteor). Previously, I taught the class using Blaze, but this semester, I am switching to React. This semester’s web site is here:


Over the next several weeks, I will be releasing new versions of the Meteor modules based on React (if you are curious about the Blaze versions, they are available at last semester’s site: http://courses.ics.hawaii.edu/ics314f17/)

Feel free to use any of these materials if they seem useful for your situation.


Thank you Philip,

I was just checking out your website it has well arranged resources, thank you for sharing that !!

www.meteor-tuts.com :slight_smile:


check lynda.com

I thought about writing a very opinionated, small guide on how to use Meteor as a backend framework + Vue as a separate webpack app with GraphQL, Testing, Linting, etc.

Not sure if it is worth the time though and if people are interested in reading.


I think it would be worthy it giving it a try, I would love to read about that stack.

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I honestly think a good start would be to help to add vue to the meteor guide.

There is a pull-request here that encourages contribution. This will help to have meteor officially support vue, which would definitely increase it’s adoption.

But I’m not interested in writing an article with using Vue inside Meteor. Also it’d be very opinionated towards how I built the app I’m working on right now (which is not helpful for beginnesr who only want to learn Meteor + Vue).

Ah sorry I think I misunderstood your intentions, I thought it was vue with meteor :slight_smile:

You have great content organized with lots of extra material. Question if you were trying to teach the fastest way to have a full project, why did you move onto react which adds a layer of complexity to the course?

Edited to make sense.

Great question. On one level, the reason is because React is such a useful skill that I felt that students would ultimately gain more from the course even though it might add complexity.

However, as I’ve developed the materials, I am starting to question whether React is actually significantly more complicated than Blaze to teach to beginners, particularly when the comparison is Blaze+Semantic UI/HTML vs. Semantic UI/React. It’s actually interesting to experience, for example, how much “complexity” exists in Blaze for beginners by virtue of having two files per component, vs the React approach of just a single file. (Getting the imports right in Blaze for beginners so that their page actually displays is a frequent tripping point.)

My class is just starting on the React Module this week, so I’ll have more insight later on in the Spring. But so far, React is not seeming to be as big a conceptual hurdle as I’d expected. Of course, maybe this will be a disaster and I’ll go running back to Blaze in the Fall. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll be following, I’ve been using your Blaze course material since you first posted. We’ll be happy to see those updates as the course ends. I hope to have your course complete on self-study by July if I follow it closely.

This is also a great course for Entrepreneurs like me who just want to build things quickly, then hire out Pro’s to add polish So just using Blaze and not dealing with react specific things(props, state, etc)it gets us quicker to building.

Thanks a lot for the link to your course material. It’s amazing! I will use this for a private hackschool here in Germany. Its members are the young people between 16 and 18 I am running guzz.io with.

I especially liked your video post “Why Javascript is better than Java” :slight_smile: It might be worth mentioning C# in this context, as it does a lot of stuff better than Java.

Didn’t know about freeCodeCamp before I saw it on your resources list. This site is amazing. Would love to see “Meteor challenges” there.

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Thanks for sharing @philipmjohnson really incredible content, I also really enjoyed reading about the Athletic Software Engineering!

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