TecTonic - Commercial Kubenetes Platform

Okay. I didn’t expect this: https://tectonic.com/
Honestly, this will be amazing.

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What will be really exciting is if they support hybrid/multi-cloud hosting.

They will.

Right now there is no easy way to deploy new versions in Kubernetes.
They seems to trying fix that too.

Google’s Container Engine is somewhat pain. Hope this will be great.

I thought setting a new pod configuration and then killing old pods was pretty straightforward when I built the meteor kubernetes demo back in January. I think they’ve advanced a lot since then, too.

But Galaxy will probably make it completely transparent :smile:

CoreOS products are so underrated… :pensive:

I want them to succeed. :blush:

It will. But need to make sure the apps availability.

Yeah! Hope Galaxy will be super simple. Just one command.