- comparison with Meteor

I stumbled upon today and was intrigued by the way they describe and market their framework.

I especially like their Use Cases section and believe both MDG and our community can also use this method in helping beginners grow as thinkers and engineers.

Then, I was a bit disappointed by their Comparison section which I think has some misleading statements (in relation to Meteor).

So, what do you think about both technologies in comparison?
HN discussion here, in case you’d like to comment about Meteor.


Yeah… their comparison section is off. They don’t have all the facts it seems.

It looks pretty cool, there’s more boilerplate code that you have to write though.

Meteor and Telepat do have similar goals and I’m sure you will see more and more projects spawn up as this way of developing apps becomes more popular.

I’m a bit interested in the batch updates to the database and how exactly that works. Maybe something like that could be a nice feature or package to add to Meteor, but I feel like it could lead to some data inconsistencies.