{{> Template.dynamic template=../template}}, what's mean about “../template”?

I don’t know what this code means.

Can anyone help me to understand it?

Template.dynamic takes the string name of the template you want (and the data it will use). I am using helpers to determine mine. e.g.
{{> Template.dynamic template=myTemplateHelper data=myDataObject}}
see: http://blazejs.org/api/templates.html#Template-helpers

The code in the image is using the helper or variable ../template as the template name to be rendered. ../ in the context of double braces means “parent”. So the ../template is referencing the value of the template helper or variable in the parent context of data. i.e. Whichever context is above the scope of what is shown here has both a data property or helper and a template property or helper.

Does that help?