Template error from nowhere?

Hey all!

So this morning I has a working app I was testing it. I go to deploy the new version and I get this error:

Errors prevented bundling:
While processing files with templating-compiler (for target web.browser):
bundle/programs/web.browser/head.html:1: Expected one of: <body>, <head>,
bundle/programs/web.browser.legacy/head.html:1: Expected one of: <body>,
<head>, <template>

The app was working fine last night, the only changes I made were saved and working fine prior to getting this error. I re-installed the node, re built the local folder several times. I think this is an error with the
blaze-html-templates package

Any ideas on what this could be? If I drop the blaze-html-templates it will declare the app is running but obviously it doesn’t function.

I removed the package and put it on one more time and it started working again… still confused what may have happened here.