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Hi, I last used meteor about four years ago for a POC and it was awesome. I am currently evaluating frameworks for a client and a different POC and I am blown away at how far meteor has come.

So I last used a template that came with an admin panel and registration/authorisation and it was great. Given that there are so many options out there I would like to get feedback as to the best templates/options for my current project.

  1. I need user reg with admin panel for user management and roles etc.
  2. I need a form component. I was looking at AutoForm, but I read that it might not be suitable for production which is a concern.

What would you guys recommend for these two requirements?

thank you

I haven’t tried to implement a user management dashboard before but I do read good thing about Meteor Candy every now and then on the forums and maybe @msavin can shed some light on it and help you out.
As for forms management uniforms is by far the best option IMO. It’s AutoForm but for React and works with simple-schema and many more data modeling utilities.

BTW, you haven’t listed your preference for the view layer which can be a huge deciding factor in your options. AutoForm is suitable for production afaik and it’s about to get a major version release too.

cc @jkuester

Thanks @harry97, I appreciate your feedback. I was considering Blaze, simply because I had issues with React Meteor out of the Box. Also in the past I used Blaze and it was super simple to grok.

So I used meteor-kitchen to generate the user re/auth framework with admin dashboard. Works like a charm. So now I just want to find a nice form solution. I’ll check out uniforms too. If I need to get React Meteor working I will. It was just a rendering issue. Looks like a package import/npm issue. Just prototyping for now though and I like Blaze, so ideally I’d like to stay with that.

I do a huge amount of backend work in the java and microservices spaces, but that a 10 pound hammer and for front end it’s really hard to justify the overhead and complexity when there are awesome alternatives like meteor available.

Thanks again

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Yes @pouyae and me are on a major release for AutoForm. I just completed some bigger personal challenge (moving to another town) and am now back to complete the PR.