Templates don't work as expected

Did something change with the templating system?

2 html files:

header.html looks like this:

<template name="header">

main.html looks like this:

<template name="main">
{{> header}}

Try to load main.html, and all I get is a blank screen. Error in console says:

blaze.js?hash=cbd85c3fe14949f2d2b9a3b76334f5f0e96d553c:3212 Uncaught Error: No such template: header
at blaze.js?hash=cbd85c3fe14949f2d2b9a3b76334f5f0e96d553c:3212
at Blaze.View. (spacebars.js?hash=547cf8e466d1d52603d19bd5f48fb5df184fd237:68)
at blaze.js?hash=cbd85c3fe14949f2d2b9a3b76334f5f0e96d553c:1934
at Function.Template._withTemplateInstanceFunc (blaze.js?hash=cbd85c3fe14949f2d2b9a3b76334f5f0e96d553c:3769)
at blaze.js?hash=cbd85c3fe14949f2d2b9a3b76334f5f0e96d553c:1932
at Object.Blaze._withCurrentView (blaze.js?hash=cbd85c3fe14949f2d2b9a3b76334f5f0e96d553c:2271)
at viewAutorun (blaze.js?hash=cbd85c3fe14949f2d2b9a3b76334f5f0e96d553c:1931)
at Computation._compute (tracker.js:308)
at new Computation (tracker.js:206)
at Object.Tracker.autorun (tracker.js:576)

I also imported header.html in main.js file, ie.

import './header.html';

DId something change recently? This is a new project btw.

Nothing has changed.

To confirm, I tried to reproduce on a fresh app and it works perfectly: https://github.com/coagmano/meteor-forum-45982

Is there anything unusual in your app?

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