Tenant specific collection

Hi all,

i am working on a saas app using meteor. The last days I have read a lot about the different ways to make meteor work in a multi tenant scenario.
I think I will try the meteor-partitioner package and hope it fits my needs.
A more complex problem is a collection which will store metadata of records. This will be a automatically extracted set of file metadata (exif, xmp,…). The tenant can also create “custom” metadata fields. This means, each tenant can, for example, create a text input and add some text into the metadata record.
Here I am struggling, because I don’t know how to index the collection. The user should have the ability to set a limited number of own indexes to boost the query performance when he is searching for records later.
My first idea is to use a separate metadata-collection for each tenant. That’s not the smartest way, because I cannot predict the real number of tenant in say a year, but this way the tenant can create his own indexes for his custom fields.
Does anybody has an idea on how to architect such a scenario to ensure, this will can massively scale later?
Another idea is to use something like ElasticSearch? But I am not very familiar with it and I think the problem will be the same. I will search if ElasticSearch is maybe an alternative.

Any help or idea is more than welcome:)
Thanks a lot

no idea but mongo forums are more likely to help i think.

Would it be a problem to call new Mongo.Collection(‘collection_’ + tenant) for every tenant? Also this has to be done on the fly within a publication, so I will have a lot of Mongo Objects in my app.
Thanks for any help.