Test load capcity of meteor Webapp's URL, API(Meteor Method Calls) and Client Side Load

We have meteor web-app with HSR approach. Where HTML and CSS are rendered on Server and AJAX calls are on Client Side. We have used pub- sub as well to get constant data. And we want to test load capacity of app.

  1. API calls (Meteor Method Calls) are from meteor client to meteor server. Is there any way to test load capacity of APIs? (APIs cannot be accessed by clients other than meteor client.)
  2. How can we test Client Side load capacity of web-app?

I think you might be looking for this package: meteor-down - npm

Simply put:

  1. The NPM goes global on your station
  2. Install the Meteor package.

Create a file for the load test at any location. Run the meteor-down command using your load test file.

If this is what you are looking for but you don’t manage to set it up, come back and I’ll help you. I am not sure if I use the original version but I have a functional load tester as a local package in one of my projects.