Testing a meteor package crashes when importing

I’m working on a new package, and trying to build it from the ground up with tests - however I’ve come unstuck, meteor won’t import tests from inside a folder.

I have two identical files willWork.js and tests/wontWork.js if I import from willWork.js - the test therin runs. If I import from tests/wontWork.js I get SyntaxError: Unexpected token import.

I’ve made a simple repo for this - I must be missing something obvious, theres no way all the test files have to be at the top level of a package?


run TEST_WATCH=1 TEST_CLIENT=0 meteor test-packages ./ --driver-package meteortesting:mocha

It seems you need to call api.addFiles("tests/wontWork/js") - bizare…

You’re right. I’ve just relaunched a build for meteor-coverage with no code change and I get this issue (and on others repositories). This issue was not existing 3 months ago, we now need to add every single JS files inside a api.addFiles to make it work as before.

@benjamn any work have been done on babel loading stuff for meteor packages ?