Testing iphone app towards external server

I’ve built this app that I wan´t to test on my mobile device (iphone). The app is built to the phone and boots up fine, but the connection to the external server does not work.

This is how i build the app.
meteor run ios-device --mobile-server

This is the access rule i’m currently using.
App.accessRule(‘,’, {launchExternal : true});

How should the env variables look on the development machine in this case? I’ve tried using localhost and tried external ip… still don´t work.

The app is published: You can find it here.
This is how i did.

  1. meteor build …/server --server
  2. Copied the bundle to the server.
  3. Created a script on the server with following information
    export ROOT_URL='
    export MONGO_URL='mongodb://:@localhost:27017/****'
    export PORT='3000’
    nodejs ~/server/bundle/main.js

Please provide me with pointers on what I’m doing wrong and how I can make the app connect to the server.

I did go about this the wrong way.
One should install the app from the xcode project folder that “meteor build” is creating. “meteor run ios-device --mobile-server… is for local use only (i believe)”.