Testing Meteor apps in 2018, a rant


Came on here to search for a testing best-practices guide and found this (which reflects a lot of the test-related search results I’ve gotten for Meteor).

I, embarrassingly, have very little automated testing set up on my production app, but that obviously needs to change. The massive checklist of manual testing I’ve created for myself works, but is time consuming (feel free to shudder, no comments necessary) and that goes up every time I want to update anything.

I wonder whether, as a community, we can agree on a set of testing tools and work together to write a Gitbook or similar with an opinionated guide on testing Meteor. Would anyone else be interested?

Tools in my mind (open to suggestion as I have little experience with it):

  1. Jest
  2. React-Testing-Library
  3. Cypress

(Tools picked purely because that’s what Kent Dodds used in his testing course…)

Writing tests for meteor applications

I’m willing to help a jest test driver. Sounds like the way to go. cc/@stolinski @pjtavares


With react you save lots of time if you create many small generic and reusable stateless components. For those you won’t need complex tests with webdriver/chimp etc. but can write static granular unit tests. Saves lots of time in the long run.