Testing publish composite

I’m writing server side unit test for reactive publication implemented using https://github.com/englue/meteor-publish-composite
There is simple parent-children publication on server side and in the test itself I’m using https://github.com/johanbrook/meteor-publication-collector

However the results I get are completely random, sometimes they pass, sometimes they fail, just like the ready event was emitted before the children data is pulled.

Anyone experienced that behaviour?

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Did you ever manage to find a solution ? I’m experiencing the same problem with respect to ready being set to true way before children data is pulled.

This issue is being discussed on Github (https://github.com/englue/meteor-publish-composite/issues/67), however the owner has not been able to reproduce the problem.

Maybe you could create a small repo with your tests to help reproduce the problem ?

I abandoned the idea of unit testing this particular publication. It was too expensive to debug the package for the early stage startup.