Testing your meteor packages on Travis CI’s new and faster docker based infrastructure

Hey, checkout my latest blog post:


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This is fantastic stuff, Ronen. Thank you so much for working on this!

Just as an FYI to you and anybody else using SpaceJam/mUnit/TinyTest, etc… in case you weren’t aware, starrynight incorporated much of the SpaceJam architecture in it’s tinytest-ci framework, and can be considered compatible with SpaceJam. We’ve also recently published clinical:verification which is a bit of a cleanup and rebranding of munit.

So, I’ll probably be incorporating the new docker infrastructure into StarryNight’s .travis.yml generators, and it will be available via the '`starrynight generate-travis`` command. Which should work for anybody using SpaceJam and mUnit.

Yo seems like the blog post is down. Shame, I’d sure like to read it.