Thanks Arunoda, thanks MDG


I’m working on many projects at the moment, all involving Meteor. I’m really thankful to the MDG for creating Meteor, but I’m especially thankful to @arunoda for all the work he did for the community.

@arunoda has taught me so much that if I meet him, I would call him professor :stuck_out_tongue:

It might sound stupid, but I felt like I had to thanks him publicly. I was reading some of his code and I thought like “this is genius! Can’t wait to use this javascript ninja technique”.


:smiley: thank you!
professor :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes thank you @arunoda for everything you and your team have done to keep the meteor project moving forward!


@arunoda : Today we switched over with our new project to FlowRouter/FlowLaout/FastRender … :wink: As I can see it be now: best decision - so thanks for that and a number of other great meteorhacks packages. As you may be interested: Even on the small ARM devices we are using for the products, everything is performing great with optimizations like subcaching, flowrender, … less cpu, less ram, fast response



Wow. That’s very nice to hear.


@arunoda ARUNODA FOR KING !!!

You rock !! meteor cores… the best!!

sorry… i had to do it!


I have also just switched over to using FlowRouter, and I absolutely love it. I feel like I more powerfully understand the internal logic of my app now. Thanks, Arunoda.


For real. @arunoda next time i’m in Sri Lanka the drinks are on me.


Yes thank you @arunoda for everything you and your team have done to keep the meteor project moving forward! by sewe


Wow. That’s very nice to hear.


So true and well deserved appreciation. Mup and kadira-debug to name only the ones I have tried so far, as pure gold. Big THANKS, Sir :slight_smile:


Arunda is a KING, and my sincere thanks are to him.

And please, keep coming with more commercial products, I am going to use it and try it, in first to be honest thanking you.

I am also really waiting for Galaxy so I can continue my thanking to MDG at whole.

By the way, I am not implying that, these products does not deserve their prices, but I just give you part of my way of thinking when I try something new regarding Meteor. Because, such nice/heroic framework got our hearts much before our minds.


So, why haven’t we accepted @arunoda as our king yet?


Another thanks here. I just switched over to use FlowRouter and it has been so great to work with. Thank you!


@arunoda is awesome! One of the two reasons , meteor being a huge success is arunoda the other being MDG. I hope he lives a long and prosperous life.! Long Live Arunoda!!


It awesome to hear that…