Thanks you Meteor community!

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been using Meteor since 1.3 rolled out. I haven’t been active on this forum at all but wanted to at least thank this community.

A few years ago, I started working at a new company with no clue how to code. One of the first few days working there, my employer started to work on 'n a new product with an international client. We struggled with the developers our company hired to create this platform. At the time I was a graphic designer coming from a textile background and was hired as such. I was only comfortable with WordPress websites and only barely knew my way around HTML/CSS. On a random Wednesday after work, I did some research in some spare time trying to see how we can improve the project, and stumbled upon the documentation of Meteor.

Having completed multiple online courses regarding React, SQL, Python, and other languages, the theory of having to code something never ‘clicked’ in my head. I continued to read the Meteor documentation and, within initializing the first project, I was amazed how simple it was to create something where one can have a database with user authentication and more. Something just clicked!

The very next day I went back to work and presented my employer with a few things I cooked up the previous night. He stood still after the presentation and without saying anything to me, immediately took out his phone and fired the developers working on the new project. We were a few months into development and now had nothing to show. He then threw all his faith into the little knowledge I had and told me to continue with the project myself.

I then went on to read as much as I could about Meteor, JavaScript, and the Node ecosystem and ground it out. Two months later I was standing in front of a multi-franchise corporation presenting their liquor ordering platform, created with Meteor and a dash of spaghetti code. I was hooked…

Now, six years later, I’ve created countless projects for clients all over the globe and even started my own software company. I’ve learned so many new things. Never have I lost my faith in Meteor and owe everything I have today to this magnificent community. I’m super excited about all the latest versions and features rolling out and still see a bright future for Meteor. It is still my go-to framework today. Even after learning to code everything from scratch with a custom stack.

Thank you to all the users, whom I’ve never thanked before, for posting solutions to other helpless developers like myself. Thank you to @zodern, @filipenevola, @storyteller, @stolinski, and all the contributors for making this the best framework ever.

To all the newcomers, give Meteor a fair chance. I promise it will teach you things you never thought were possible.

Thank you.


Thank you so much @johannel for sharing your story and experience with Meteor.

We’re always looking for things to improve on so feel free to provide any other feedback you have as well.

I’ll reach out to you via DMs to see if you’re interested in being featured in a blog post :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Congratulations on your journey!

I highly recommend Meteor when discussing new projects with other developers.

One of the biggest rebuttals I receive is that Meteor is an “old out-dated framework”.

The key benefits I see with Meteor are these:

  1. Rapid Development - Meteor allows for projects to quickly reach commercial status, cutting down on development time and costs. Something that many developers overlook because they are looking at the project stack in a “silo” and not thinking about the business aspects.
  2. Meteor is Just Node.js - Meteor itself is just Node.js, don’t overthink it.
  3. Meteor is Mature - Meteor support has continued to be great over the years, and when you are running a business you want to have assurance that the software you’re using will have a long support period to mitigate potential exposures.

Long story short; developers don’t look at things from a business AND software perspective. When you do, you quickly realize that Meteor is a great platform.


Great points @mvogt22. Thanks for sharing!

What a wholesome story! Glad you’re able to turn your work into a business. Godspeed!


+1 from me. Started my meteor project for organizing stuff at the school I’m teaching at a year ago. Coming from Laravel with no clue on node, mongo etc and it felt and still feels like heaven using meteor.

In the todo tutorial, when I first removed a document in the database and client got updated without any further effort this was mind blowing.

Also love the easy and vastly unbreaking updates. Thanks for all your hard work!


@johannel Thank you very much for you inspirational story!

your life’s story is so good , I’m motivated after reading this