The Atom Processor: I have questions

I am looking for a rugged Android tablet on which to deploy my app.

I’m look at the Xplore XSlate D10. It has an Atom processor. Does this mean I can’t use Meteor on it?

The reason I ask is because I came across this page that lists unsupported architectures and I think Atom processors are one of them.

I just want to make sure it will run on this expensive hardware.

An atom cpu is based on x86 architecture as far as I know. If you’d be using meteor universal it might not work, but with plain meteor and cordova you can compile to either ARM or x86. The one cordova android app I’m working on has both the ARM and x86 version in the play store, when you download it with atom-based hardware it would install the x86 version, if not it’d install the ARM version.

Hope this answers your question, if not please clarify a bit more :wink:

Are you trying to run the Meteor server on the tablet as well?

I want to deploy an apk on the tablets that will use groundDB so they can go offline. (I think that means there will be a server on the tablet)

I will run a web version of the app on Azure that will have the central database.

I don’t think GroundDB uses a Meteor server at all - it just uses localstorage to store your data in the browser.

So I don’t think you need to be concerned about where a Meteor server can run.

In fact I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to accidentally run a web server in your Meteor client app, so you probably never need to worry about it unless you have really put in a lot of effort to work around the system.

Ground DB simply (i’m sure its not simple but…) hooks in to your collections and stores locally until the server is available (if you have a server that is), the “Client” generated by meteor is a web app so will run in your browser regardless of processor architecture. If your wrapping your app in Cordova (Meteor add-platform android) then you will also be fine as long as you are not using any cordova plugins that don’t support that arch ( unlikely in my exp…)

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Great feedback everyone. thank you. I feel a lot more confident moving forward.

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