The best framework for creating mobile applications

I like but it looks very raw on Meteor…

Ionic is far more promising.

Did someone try any of these?

I used Ionic. I considered others but Ionic was the smoothest to begin with. It still lacks in some areas, specifically around working with lists. Since that wasn’t a big deal for me I went with it.
Using Meteoric is very straight forward, you’ll see quick results, which was very motivating for me. Others like Famous were too much effort for my quick side-project, so I got stuck with Meteorc.

By the way, if you look at Ionic itself you will see how an impressive eco system they built around mobile apps - I still use their approach to generate assets (splash screens and icons) for my mobile apps.

@yauh, I wonder if there is a way to edit a picture (crop, apply some filters) before uploading with ionic.

I’ve started with and switched to Ionic for a simple reason: I suck in designing and animating things and Ionic gives those things free for you. Of course if you are really fluent on this matter, will give you more flexibility. Moreover, comparing both Meteor’s API, I would still go with Ionic.

I’ve used meteoric and found it to be very straightforward and simple to deal with. The documentation is a bit lacking but the demo apps on their github are very helpful. It is also being actively developed and it seems like they have a clear plan of the real Ionic framework they are implementing.

As @yauh said, the list functionality is somewhat lacking (you can’t drag to reorder or swipe on a list item to reveal hidden buttons), but if that’s not crucial functionality for you, it works extremely well for everything else…

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What are the problems with lists?

@praxie, this might be a better example:
See both tabs.

Of course, that’s for the old version of, and you don’t get these kinds of layouts available for the new version (yet; it’s only been out in beta for about 2 weeks now).

I think for building an app, unless you’re building a new revolutionary UI from scratch, you want prebuilt components to use, that work well on all devices. And this is where ionic (and meteoric) shine. It’s all done for you.

The end goal for famous-views is to offer all the same components as ionic, all built with Meteor & Famous. But it will be some time until we get there.

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Thanks for the reply. famous-flex is what I’ve been waiting for.
Now looks much more tempting.


@praxie How was your experience with famous-flex?

i’ve used framework7 for the latest hybrid-app project and it works very well.