The best way to share on Facebook

I work with telescope, and I want to share the post link instead of source link on Facebook; so I did,in the telescope-module-share package, something like this:

sourceLink: function(){
  return window.location.origin + "/posts/"+this._id;

It works great, except when I share the post on Facebook, it display the title and description of home page instead of the post shared!!

Anyone have an idea how to fix it, please!!!

Check out the ms-seo package:

+1 on ms-seo package

@resooolved let me know if you need help with this has integreted seo solution and its great ; my problem is why when I deploy it on new adress, facebook display all meta tag but not on my existing app!!

So, I’m looking for solution to fix it, to display all meta tag of each post on facebook