The current architecture is not supported: ia32

Hello everyone Can you help me with this problem. When I install meteor on window.I used npm to install meteor

That is the first time I heard about this infrastructure. From what I have quickly read it is a continuation of i386. We’ll have to add this architecture, but that is dependent on that MongoDB and Node support it as well.

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Ia32 is 32 bit x86. I believe 32 bit windows support was dropped in v1.10

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I know I’m a bit late, but I struggled with that too and got it fixed, so I hope it’ll help people looking for that error code in the future.

It probably means you have installed node.js x86 and not x64. That was the case for me. Simply re-install Node, and check you are actually installing the x64 version.


Thank you! so much :love_you_gesture: