The first 60 respondents already show great insights! A survey how developers think about Meteor and Cordova as a platform for building mobile apps


Hello. I am working on a paper for my bachelors degree about mobile app development with Meteor and Cordova. Please fill out the questionnaire. As a little reward you get insights in the result upon completion.

Thank you for contributing. :slight_smile: Regards, Bernhard


I started to answer it, but it is too long…


Thanks for your feedback poliuk. Actually its just 23 easy-to-answer questions if you have already built an app and only 9 questions if you haven’t, which should be doable in less than 5 minutes. Therefore you get a great insight what your 100 predecessors answered.

Hope to see your answer as well :blush:


just 23? :cold_sweat:


The survey didn’t take that long to complete, maybe 5 minutes. I would recommend more developers chime in too. The graphed results and responses from other participants at the end was very useful to see. That data could come in really handy when evaluating future projects with Meteor + Cordova.

Good luck on your research paper !


Also replied to you, good luck :)!


@feber, great job. I think this is very insightful. Good luck with the project! Hope it will include an awesome infographic that you can paste here too afterwards :>